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Education and History

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Education – one would almost say the emphasis on it is overrated.  But no, it is not emphasized enough.

When one speaks about education, the first thing that we think about is school. Society has put so much emphasis on intellectual education that our generation is not being taught the one vital thing every person needs to know –  their history.

The importance of history is overlooked.  How is one supposed to know where they are going if they do not know where they come from?

I have been fortunate enough to have educators as parents, and educators who not only taught me one plus one but the importance of History. Knowing where you come from gives you a sense of identity, pride and security.

Without history the same mistakes would be made, over and over again. We would not have people to look up to; we would be no different to a soldier who goes to war without equipment. As the human race we would remain the same and not progress. History is normally linked to being stagnant and that is not true as we can’t want to move forward by staying the same.

We have had 24 years of democracy and we have made impeccable progress as a country, but I can’t say the same about helping us, as born-frees, know our place in the future and being prepared. Education is what you shall remember and carry out with you after you leave school. If one remains with nothing but straight A’s, I believe they have missed the most important thing education could ever grant them.


Education starts at home –  from learning to respect others, to being taught to work hard for the things you desire. It is no use to hold a degree, yet have no basic values, morals and purpose in you. The legendary Greek philosopher, Aristotle stated how: “Educating the mind without educating the heart is not education at all.”

Ignoring our history will be disadvantaging us by removing a foundation to build our future on.

Look around! Everyone wants to know more, but not everyone is looking back and analyzing the journey we have embarked on – not only South Africans but the world. Not looking at our history will only make us prone to making the same mistakes again.

Education is the one thing that assures success and an identity and once you have it, you have it-  nobody can take it away from you! This is why it is the most powerful tool.  As years go by, old tools get out-dated and because of this they ought to adapt to the times.

Look at the Brunfelsia plant, also known as the “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow flower”. It is present throughout the year and only lasts for three day;  it changes colour with each day. On the first day the flowers are purple, on the second day they are lilac and on the last day they are white .What I am trying to say is that education will always be here, but it is only through looking at where we’ve come from we will appreciate its beauty and importance.

Education is important and without History, education is nothing. Education is a way of life.  We learn every day, just in different ways!

Yesterday Today Tomorrow. Without education we would not be where we are, so it is our duty to learn about our History so that one day we are able to equip the future generation and grant them the one tool that will drive them out of poverty,

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Mathapelo Moloi

I am nothing but a young driven girl from a small town called Volksrust, yes I did not allow my background minimize the size of my dreams. The question is not, “What drives her? ”instead it is ,”Who drives her?”. Jesus Christ is the Man behind the passion I have for serving and educating those around me .As people we only have a limited period to be on earth and I believe one has not lived if they have not served others. Being appointed as a 2018 Nelson Mandela School SleepOut™ – Empowered by Liliesleaf : For The Tomorrow Trust Ambassador has not only made me happy but has made me aspire to even want to serve more and it has also made me realize that I am now the voice I have always wanted to be, the voice for the voiceless .