A Message to Madiba

Respect, Dignity, Kindness and Strength

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In this,  the year that Nelson Mandela would have turned a 100, it is a good time for me to really think about what he means to me, South Africa and the world. Not only was he an icon of the freedom struggle and the true hero who brought Apartheid to an end, but he was a very special type of person.

Nelson Mandela was a man who showed the world that no matter how hard a card life deals you, you do not need to be bitter and hold it as a grudge. In doing so, you are only doing yourself a disservice as you are not helping anyone when in that frame of mind. It is better to get out of it and strive to try and correct the wrongs and influence change.

To me, Tata Madiba showed that to be a true leader, you need to dig deep inside, and decide how you get rid of your own hurt and bad feelings.   You need to look at the “bigger” picture and stay true to your cause.

The small, subtle things he did to get South Africa to try and mend the old bridges and hurt were brilliant. At no time has South Africa ever been as united as  when we won the Rugby World Cup. No matter where he travelled or what he did, he always carried himself with dignity. And for this the world held him in the greatest respect.

The legacy that he left behind is something every South African should persevere to be a part of. He opened the worlds eyes not only to what Apartheid had done to the people during the past, but showed them how well we could live together given the opportunity. How people, given the chance, could do well, no matter their race.

He put South Africa back on the world map. Sanctions were lifted, and the world welcomed us back , opening opportunities for trade, knowledge and so many other avenues. It is incredible to watch the reactions of people he was in contact with. From people on the streets to world leaders. Everyone was always in awe of the man.

In the school that I go to I have friends of all races, and never do I think about it consciously, because I am lucky to have been born in a new South Africa, which does not promote racism .

Nelson Mandela – to me – means, RESPECT, DIGNITY, KINDNESS, STRENGTH

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