A Message to Madiba

Mandela’s Youth of the Nation

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Nelson Mandela is not only a father to his own children but, through the struggle, he became a father to the nation and his legacy will forever be with us in everything that we do.

To me he has inspired me to see life in a different perspective, one that keeps me the positive person that I am today.

I look at life and the challenges I face every day as  learning curve, so that I can inspire those who will come after me. The late Nelson Mandela said

“The youth will be the future leaders of this nation.”

I live strongly by this and I motivate my fellow youth on a daily basis to aspire to be leaders – not only in their own lives but also in the community around them.

Spirit of forgiveness does not only need to be part of us but we also need to be able to carry it out to those in need of it. This is one thing I feel the nation has failed to grasp.  Nelson Mandela left us with is this legacy of forgiveness which is what I and the rest of the world remembers him for, but –  to certain extent we tend to forget this.

Nelson Mandela is a hero among men and a leader whom we all look up to.  I, as a South African, would like to follow in his footsteps and become a leader that the nation can look up to. I would like to be able to empower the youth through peace and not affirmative action.   Words have the ability to change things when used in the proper and correct manner.   This is what the late Nelson Mandela taught me and he is the perfect example of a transformation leader. He listened to the people when they spoke!!

The nation and I see him as  a pillar of strength that we can always look back to and know that there was once a leader who cared for the nation.

He inspired the people who believed in change for our nation, and we should believe in that  too –  to be able to  grow as a nation.

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Phumlani Nunu

My name is Phumlani Nunu. I am a student at Noorder Paarl High School. Throughout the time of my school career I’ve grown to become person who learns to motivate himself which is partly what made me the person I am today. I have a passion for being in the kitchen and this passion was brought on to me by mother, but regardless of that I also have a passion for people and I believe that each and every person is unique in their own way, and through that, I’ve grown to become a young youth motivational speaker.